Content Marketing + Direct Response

Some key facts about me.

  1. I’m a Bay Area native who moved down to Los Angeles for school. Then I fell in love with One One Dumplings. Still here.

  2. When a salesperson dangles free gelato in exchange for my personal information, I go by my other name Amy Wong.

  3. Every Saturday, I get up at 6:30am so I can cook for the next 3-4 hours. My noodle soup broth is 好吃.

During the week, I’m a content marketing manager and direct response copywriter. I experiment with words and images to create a user experience that converts. Whether it’s analyzing industry trends, keywords, competitor data or a heatmap, I enjoy tinkering with those little elements.

Through A/B testing, I’ve:
• doubled CTR
• increased time on site
• produced better qualified leads in the conversion funnel

Talk to me about search intent, consumer psychology or CRO. And especially what you had for lunch.